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Cameron Pale & Medina
We are the only integrated communication partner in Sri Lanka.. At CPM, our USP is 'Integrated Communications'- we provide solutions which guarantee an end-to-end, seamless communication eliminating contradictions and ambiguity.

Internal Relations

Quite simply put, CPM is the place to be! From the cool working atmosphere to the hot cups of tea, there's nothing more a prospective employee at CPM can ask for. Outstation getaways, cricket matches or just plain chilling (after work!), there's no other agency which guarantees you better job satisfaction.
Cameron Pale & Medina NEITHER supports NOR agrees with the promotion of liquor, wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cigars and tobacco derivatives (We do, however, consume large quantities of them) casinos, lotteries and gambling derivatives.


Cameron Pale & Medina is an independent company with no affiliations or subordination to either local or foreign parties. It does however, form strategic alliances with specialist counterparts for the purposes of providing successful and seamless execution anywhere in the world
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